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July 2024

Calculating Success: Best’s Review examines the emerging issues in insurance accounting and the ongoing consolidation of the public accounting sector.

June 2024

Secondary perils—such as severe convective storms, hail, snowstorms, drought and flooding—have become more significant problems for insurers.

May 2024

Insurance defense counsel say they need insurers’ full support as they face an energized plaintiffs bar, a Best’s Review survey reveals.

April 2024

Parametric insurance’s swifter settlements can narrow the protection gap, assisting relief efforts after natural disasters, helping farmers and providing coverage for other previously less-insurable risks.

March 2024

Investors have moved into the delegated underwriting authority enterprise sector as they build “great ships” for the future.

February 2024

Insurance educators such as R.B. Drennan of Temple University (right) share their experiences in the classroom as they prepare the next generation of the industry’s professionals.

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