1. Cover
  2. Editors Desk: Expense Efficiency
  3. Contents: Columns and Advertisers
  4. Calendar and Executive Changes
  5. Executive Changes and Web Traffic
  6. Executive Changes and Masthead Forestay
  7. At Large: Tech Priorities
  8. Risk Adviser: Life Health Well-Being
  9. Issues and Answers: ESG and Recruitment
  10. ESG and Next-Gen Workforce
  11. ESG Reporting Requirements
  12. Career Opportunities Insurance Talent
  13. Life Health Insurers Impairments
  14. Life Health Impairments Annuity Writers
  15. Insurers Underwriting Expense Ratio
  16. Expense Ratio: Tech Lower Costs
  17. Expense Ratio: Bests Rankings Top Insurers
  18. Expense Ratio: Bests Special Report
  19. Recruitment: Insurers War for Talent
  20. Talent Recruitment and Machine Learning
  21. Insurtech: Partnerships and Business Development
  22. Insurtech: MGA Funding and Market Future
  23. Excess and Surplus and Captives
  24. Excess and Surplus and Premium Growth
  25. Excess and Surplus and Risk Retention Groups
  26. Marine Mutual Clubs and Renewals
  27. Protection and Indemnity Clubs and Bests Rankings
  28. Cyber Market and Silent Cyber NotPetya
  29. Cyber Market and Insurance Linked Securities
  30. Innovation and COVID Pandemic
  31. Loss Control and Landlord Policy
  32. State Rate and Commercial General Liability
  33. Book Store and App Store
  34. Trending News and Trending Research
  35. Webinars TV and Audio
  36. Ratings Actions Americas
  37. Ratings Actions Americas Europe Asia-Pacific
  38. Ratings Actions
  39. Preferred Publisher and Global News
  40. Professional Resources and Insurance Attorneys
  41. Industry Updates and Masthead Backstay
  42. Last Word: Superhero Movie Damages and Claims
  43. Back Cover
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