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July 2020

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Specialty Coverage

A Driving Force

Andy Shockey

Andy Shockey
Assistant Vice President, Risk Management Services
Philadelphia Insurance Cos.

“Policyholders with PHLYTRAC have averaged a 19% reduction in loss frequency.”

Solutions Providers

Bryan Sanders

Bryan Sanders
President, WSIA Board of Directors
President of Markel Specialty

“We know that even during these trying times, increasing demand for solutions to emerging risks and product innovation will be key drivers of growth.”

Accidents Will Happen

Dixon Gillis

Dixon Gillis
A-G Administrators

“We’re committed to providing the most value to agents and brokers in delivering high-quality programs to their client.”

Whole New World

Lou Levinson

Lou Levinson
President and CEO
Lexington Insurance Company

“We have an incredible leadership team at Lexington and I think that plays a large role in keeping people happy and successful.”