Issues & Answers Special Advertising Section:
 September 2022

Issues & Answers: Providing E&S Solutions

John Anthony, Senior Vice President of Contract P&C and Excess Umbrella for Nationwide E&S Wholesale, said the company has a large investment in advanced analytical models that can glean valuable insights from data. “We’re providing information for our partners to select the right risks and opportunities that we should be pursuing together,” he said. Following are excerpts from an interview.

John Anthony
Senior Vice President of Contract P&C and Excess Umbrella
Nationwide E&S Wholesale

“At Nationwide E&S, we measure our success by our ability— year in and year out—to provide relevant and viable solutions and products to our partners and policyholders.”

Does the current economic climate offer an opportunity to E&S insurers?

I believe it does. Inherently, the E&S marketplace is poised to take advantage of different climates and economic marketplaces. Having a dynamic product offering and the ability to quickly develop and launch new products allows us the opportunity to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the changing environment. Economic and social changes always provide the E&S marketplace with unique and new opportunities for those positioned to take advantage of them. With the breadth and appetite and the product that the E&S marketplace provides, and the wide range of resources that we have, we’re able to capitalize on the changes in the external environments as they present themselves.

What factors does Nationwide look at when considering risk?

First, we have a world-class team of distribution partners that we know confidently transact business on our behalf, providing the best solutions to the best risks. Then we underwrite the insured. Good insureds that are safety conscious and really invested in their business usually perform better than those that aren’t as focused on providing a safe environment. Additionally, we look at individual risk characteristics. We have large amounts of data that we run through analytical models, and we have a specialized underwriting team with expertise that can help identify which risk characteristics are going to perform to our standards.

How can carriers help distribution partners be mutually successful while maintaining profitability?

One of the biggest things is the financial stability that a carrier can offer—providing a peace of mind that the carrier will be there in the client’s time of need, which would be a great selling point when you’re looking to select which carrier to put your risk solutions through. Additionally, having a national footprint where we can aggregate and glean information that may be outside of what the purview of our individual agents are provides a lot of solutions that may not be readily apparent to our distribution partners.

How does Nationwide E&S measure success?

At Nationwide E&S, we measure our success by our ability —year in and year out—to provide relevant and viable solutions and products to our partners and policyholders, while bolstering the financial strength of our organization. We pride ourselves on the breadth of product and specialized expertise in both underwriting and claims handling, and delivering world-class solutions in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.