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September 2023

Slow and Steady: While some of the top U.S. property/casualty mutuals hit rough seas in 2022, the sector continues to steer toward long-term financial stability.

August 2023

Fronting Carriers Push Forward: AM Best-rated U.S. carriers posted a 43% increase in direct premiums written in 2022. But reinsurers are increasingly selective about what business they will write and with whom they will partner.

In This Issue

30 Years After Hurricane Andrew, Bermuda Reinsurers, Florida ‘Joined at the Hip’

Fronting Carrier Sector Finds Growth, but Reinsurance Concerns Loom

Quest To Become Influencers Leads to Long-Running Insurtech Podcast

FIU Extreme Events Director: Prototype Facility Will Test Forces of a ‘Category 6’ Hurricane

Life Insurers Leverage Higher Rates To Drive Annuity Growth

Protected Cell Structures Fuel Captive Insurance Growth

Startup Founder Hopes to Help People Find `Ferrari in the Garage’ by Taking Life Settlements Mainstream

Issues & Answers: Captive Services & Domiciles • Data • Reinsurance

AM Best Retains Negative Outlook on Peru’s Insurance Industry

Slower Growth, Rising Rates To Further Complicate Debt Management for Latin America Insurers

AM Best: With Cyberattacks Becoming More Complex, US Cyber Market to Remain Hard

How Litigation Funding Is Affecting Settlement Strategies, Costs

NCOIL, Regulators, Captive Industry Urge IRS To Back Off on Proposed Rule

Largest Latin America Insurers — 2022 Edition

Iowa Governor Signs Captive Insurance Bill

US Cyber Insurance — Top 20 Insurers — 2022 Edition

US Property/Casualty — 2021 Direct Premiums Written by Line — 2022 Edition

Space Invader: If a Meteorite Strikes, Insurance Can Help

Cyber Price Increases Moderating as Profitability Returns to the Sector

US Commercial Multi Peril — 2021 Direct Premiums Written — 2022 Edition

US Homeowners Multiple Peril — 2021 Direct Premiums Written — 2022 Edition

Tale of the Ticker Tape: What Global Equity Markets Can Tell Us About Our Industry

US Medical Professional Liability — 2021 Direct Premiums Written — 2022 Edition

3 Ways To Deal With Talent Shortage Head-On

US Total Auto — 2021 Direct Premiums Written — 2022 Edition

Largest Annuity Insurers – 2023 Edition

US Workers’ Compensation — 2021 Direct Premiums Written — 2022 Edition

AM Best-Rated US Fronting Companies – 2023 Edition

Largest Latin America Insurers – 2023 Edition

The Insurance Industry Makes the World Safer and More Resilient

US Property/Casualty – 2022 Direct Premiums Written by Line - 2023 Edition

Rising Costs, Supply Chain Issues Impact Business Income Coverage

US Commercial Multiperil – 2022 Direct Premiums Written – 2023 Edition

US Homeowners Multiperil – 2022 Direct Premiums Written – 2023 Edition

US Medical Professional Liability (Total) – 2022 Direct Premiums Written – 2023 Edition

US Medical Professional Liability (Claims-Made) – 2022 Direct Premiums Written – 2023 Edition

July 2023

Standing the Test of Time: In the 2023 edition, 167 insurers maintained a Best's Financial Strength Rating of A or higher for at least 50 years, including 22 for at least 100 years.

In This Issue

Standing the Test of Time – 2023 Edition

Top Global Insurance Brokers — 2022 Edition

Top Global Insurance Brokers – 2023 Edition

Standing the Test of Time — 2022 Edition

Insurers Working To Narrow $12 Trillion Gap in US Life Insurance Coverage

Top 200 U.S. Property/Casualty Writers — 2022 Edition

Issues & Answers: Specialty Coverage • Inflation

Top 200 U.S. Life/Health Insurers — 2022 Edition

Top 75 U.S. and Canada Public Insurers — 2022 Edition

Top 200 US Property/Casualty Writers - 2023 Edition

Top 200 US Life/Health Insurers - 2023 Edition

World’s Largest Insurance Companies — 2022 Edition

Top 75 US and Canada Public Insurers - 2023 Edition

Top 25 U.S. Holding Companies — 2022 Edition

World’s Largest Insurance Companies - 2023 Edition

An Investment Thesis, Revealed: ‘No-Code’ for Insurance

Top 25 US Holding Companies - 2023 Edition

Life Reinsurers Find Hope Even as COVID-19 Lingers, Mortality Rates Shift

Expert Panel: Critical Issues in Insurance Asset Management

AM Best: US Medical Professional Liability Faces Headwinds as Outlook Is Negative

The Deep Understanding of Value in the US Market

AM Best’s Briefing: D&O Liability Market Softens Amid Rising Competition, Capital Supply

For Drivers, Even the Cutest Pet Passengers Could Create Potentially Deadly Distractions

Guns and Insurance: Not a Good Mix

The PFAS Investment Opportunity

Cover of July Issue Features AM Best Publications To Illustrate ‘Standing the Test of Time’

Gallagher Re Chief Executive Retires; Company Names CEO of UK Operations

Web Traffic: Visits to Top Global Insurance Brokers Sites

Fires, Hacking Are Just 2 Hazards at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Medical Malpractice Approved Rate Filings by Overall Effect With Increases Greater Than 30%

Paving the Way: Chronicles of Black Entrepreneurs Who Transformed the Insurance Industry

June 2023

Critical Issues in Insurance Asset Management: Insurance and investment experts discuss where insurers are directing their investments, how interest rates and volatility are affecting decisions and what role alternative investments play.

May 2023

Expense Ratio Spotlight: With the help of new technology, the U.S. property/casualty industry is trimming its underwriting expense ratio.

April 2023

Climate Risk & Reward: Regulators at the state, federal and global levels are pushing insurers to disclose more about climate risk. Insurers, meanwhile, see climate-related coverage as a multibillion-dollar opportunity.

In This Issue

Rising Tide in Climate Risk Regulation Presents New Challenges for Insurers

A Hot Market: Insurers Launch Climate-Related Businesses as Green Tech Grows

Attorneys, Analysts: Norfolk Southern Likely Facing Years of Claims Over Ohio Derailment

Crypto, DeFi Insurance Targets Digital Assets, Technology

Georgia State Department of Risk Management & Insurance To Get New Name After $15 Million Gift

AM Best: US Life/Annuity Insurers Well Positioned for 2023 Challenges

AM Best: Economy, Infrastructure Build-Out Likely to Steer Surety Market

AM Best: Maturing Asia-Pacific Insurance Markets Offer Diversity and Growth Potential

Largest Asia-Pacific Insurers – 2023 Edition

Fire and Allied Lines (Commercial Property) Approved Filings by Overall Effect With Increases Greater Than 25%

Getting the Right Golf Insurance Coverage Isn’t Always Par for the Course

Climate-Related Risks Emerge as a Key Focus for Insurers and Regulators

Newly Appointed Chief Executive Officer To Join Scor May 1

Web Traffic: Visits to Top Asia-Pacific Insurers’ Sites

AM Best: Changes in Crypto Market Are Mirrored in Ransomware Activity

Hibachi Restaurants Can Get Burned if Not Properly Insured

Successful Insurance Selling Depends on Training, Commitment and Connection

AM Best: Updated App Adds Insurance News and Research, More Information on Rated Companies

Cyber Feature and Ranking of Top US Cyber Insurers Lead List of Best’s Review Articles

Trending Research Includes a Report on Changing Dynamics for D&O Insurers

March 2023

Landmark Deals: A flurry of acquisitions is raising competition among top global reinsurance intermediaries.

February 2023

Cyber Dilemma: Cyberattack victims face tough questions about insurance coverage and whether to comply with criminal actors' ransom demands. Meanwhile, the federal government weighs the merits of a cyber backstop.

January 2023

Their Future Selves: Startups, insurtechs and investors pursue new opportunities with ready-to-go insurance shells.

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