{{indexingdisabled}} Best's Review - February 2023 Edition - Author: CEOs Must Connect Traditional Capacities, New Capabilities


  1. Cover
  2. AD: Philadelphia Insurance Companies
  3. Ransomware Raises Difficult Questions
  4. Contents
  5. Best's Calendar
  6. AD: AM Best's Insurance Information Feeds & Web Services
  7. Axis Capital Holdings Names Successor as President-CEO Benchimol Announces Retirement
  8. CEO of Munich Re US P&C Cos. & Munich Re US Holding Inc. Setps Down
  9. Munich Re Life US Hires CFO
  10. Convex Re names Deputy CEO, CUO
  11. SiriusPoint International Taps Successor to Retiring President and CEO
  12. Tokio Marine International Names CEO for Tokio Marine Europe
  13. WTW Hires Managing Director-Director of CRB for France
  14. Web Traffic: Visits to Cyber Insurers
  15. Chubb Group Names Company's First Global Climate Officer
  16. Allstate Names Chief Legal Officer-General Counsel-Corporate Secretary
  17. Locton Hires US General Counsel
  18. Axis Capital Holdings Hires Head of Cyber and Technology, London
  19. Masthead Forestay
  20. Internal Branding Plays an Important Role in Successful Marketing
  21. Digitalization, Informational Scale Create Integrated Interactions That Add Value
  22. AD: Best's Alert Service
  23. Issues & Answers: Evaluating Risk in the Evolving Cyber Market
  24. AD: Nationwide
  25. AM Best's Briefing: Workers' Comp Market Strong, but Inflation Could Be a Concern
  26. Cyber Dilemma: Insurers Face Evolving Ransomware, Demands as Attacks Escalate
  27. Best's Rankings: US Cyber Insurance - Top 20 Insurers - 2023 Edition
  28. Cyber Insurers, Brokers: Evolving Ransomware Calls for Vigilance
  29. Industry Sees Need for Federal Cyber Backstop, but What Model is Best?
  30. Ohio Supreme Court Rules Owners Insurance Won't Have to Cover Losses in Ransomware Attack
  31. Annuities Sales Grew Sharply in 2022; Strong Year in 2023 Possible
  32. AD: Connect with AM Best
  33. Best's Rankings: Largest Insurers - Total Annuities - 2023 Edition
  34. AD: Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio Model - P/C, US
  35. World's Largest Insurers - 2023 Edition: US Health Insurers Top List Based on Net Premiums Written
  36. Best's Rankings: World's Largest Insurance Companies - 2023 Edition
  37. Best's Rankings: World's Largest Insurance COmpanies - 2023 Edition
  38. AD: Best's State Rate Filings
  39. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies Complicate the D&O Market
  40. AD: AM Best
  41. Skyward Specialty Launches IPO
  42. Best's Rankings: Largest Surety Insurers - 2023 Edition
  43. Florida Insurance Reforms: Long-Term Relief on Horizon; Near-Term Headwinds Remain
  44. Growing Power-Washing Market Comes WIth Risks
  45. AD: Best's Underwriting Reports and Best's Loss Control Reports
  46. Best's Rankings: Cyber Rate Filings by Overall Effect Greater Than 40%
  47. AD: Best's News & Research Service
  48. Author: CEOs Must Connect Traditional Capacities, New Capabilities
  49. AD: AM Best Business Trilogy
  50. Workers' Comp Coaching App Responds to Injured Employees in Holistic Ways
  51. AD: Best's Credit Ratings Mobile App
  52. Top Audit and Actuarial Ranking Leads List of Best's Review Articles
  53. Trending Research Includes Reports on 9-Month US P/C and Life/Annuity Financial Results
  54. Panel to Discuss the Importance of Data Variables in the Insurance Industry
  55. The Importance of Data Variables to Benefit Insurance Consumers
  56. Always On: How Video Surveillance is Changing Liability and Damage Evaluation
  57. IMCA/AM Best Marketing Leader Lunch With HUB International's Ellina Shinnick
  58. AM Best's Briefing - Reinsurance: Roundtable Discussion on Renewals and What 2023 May Hold
  59. To Address Ever-Changing Cyberrisk, Flexibility in Coverage Is Key, Cowbell Executive Says
  60. Cowbell's Le: Cyberthreats Shift; So Should the Coverage
  61. AM Best: Inflation, Central Bank Policy, Sovereign Weakness Top 2023 Global Economic Concerns
  62. Swiss Re's Majewski: Health & Wellness Programs Beneifit Life Insurers
  63. Insurance Institute's Leonard: Stagflation Would Most Impact Auto, Homeowners
  64. Allianz Executive: Smooth Sailing for Marine Lines Growth in 2023 Despite Inflation
  65. Allianz's Soja: Favorable Results Should Continue in Marine Lines
  66. LexisNexis' Cesario: One-Quarter of All Claims Are a Total Loss
  67. Best's Credit Rating Actions
  68. AD: BestMark for Rated Insurers
  69. Acquisitions and Name, Ownership and Domiciliary Changes
  70. Preferred Publisher Program
  71. The Importance of Early Case Management in the Litigation Process
  72. AD: Best's Insurance Professional Resources
  73. Gallagher Re CEO: Grueling Reinsurance Renewals Could Haunt Carriers When Market Rebounds
  74. Howden: Jan. 1 Renewals Revealed Hardest P/C Reinsurance Market in a Generation
  75. Masthead Backstay
  76. As Catastrophic Weather Proliferates, Art Insurers Paint a Picture of Uncertainty for Capacity and Rates
  77. AD: Philadelphia Insurance Companies
  78. AD: Applied Underwriters
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